Johns Hopkins was our international daughter’s goal for college. With Debbie Windley’s assistance, this dream is coming true.

“Debbie spent hours reviewing and assisting our daughter in developing her application essays to showcase to the University selection committee who she was as a person. Debbie conducted a formal interview with our child to boost confidence and ready her for the official interviews. The result was an early decision given to our daughter for the Bio-Medical Engineering division of John Hopkins for the 2018 fall semester. We can’t thank Debbie enough for her expertise, kindness, and the results that she helped achieve. Debbie’s assistance is life-changing.”

Our daughter was accepted to all of the colleges she applied to such as UVA and UNC-Chapel Hill and the decision then became hers as to where she wanted to go.

“Debbie definitely made the whole college application process easier and less stressful for our entire family. She was a wonderful resource for our daughter to help her navigate the college admissions process. She did more than look at her activities and tell her how to list them. She looked over her essays and encouraged her to apply for scholarships. Debbie conducted a mock interview for her to learn interview skills. She gave our daughter lots of positive encouragement and showed she really cared about her as a person. We are grateful for the guidance Debbie gave our daughter.”

Our daughter was accepted at five colleges, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Wake Forest University, and Duke University.

“Ms. Windley was invaluable in our daughter’s preparation for these highly selective schools. Although this can be a very stressful time, Ms. Windley’s knowledge of college admissions, awareness of scholarship resources, offer of moral support, and her willingness to help in any capacity took some of the pressure away and allowed our daughter to focus on presenting herself to colleges in the best possible light.”

After just a few weeks of meeting with Ms. Windley, a transformation took place in the life of our son.

“Ms. Windley was very personable and encouraging to him, but she never held back when a gentle nudge was needed. He even agreed to get his hair cut and buy a new suit to prepare for his college scholarship interviews! Confidence, purpose, head held high, a firm handshake, strong eye contact, and a renewed belief in who God made him to be are just a few of the blessings that have come from our son’s time with Ms. Windley. We highly recommend Debbie Windley and the college planning and interview services that she can provide to your son or daughter.”

We are so grateful for all the support, encouragement, and planning from Ms. Windley during this process and would not consider college planning with our next two children without her.

“Ms. Windley has worked with two of our children on college planning. Perhaps what impressed me the most about the process was Ms. Windley’s intentionality. She listens, gathers information, asks questions, and develops an individualized plan of action for each child based on strengths, goals, and aspirations. It was very reassuring to have such a resource in what can be a very overwhelming process. Thanks to Ms. Windley’s help, both of our children have been very successful in their college endeavors. Our oldest son is graduating this year from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Journalism and received scholarship assistance all four years. Our second son was accepted at all four of his college choices: Duke, Georgia Tech, Clemson, and NC State. He will attend NC State in the fall majoring in Engineering with a full scholarship as a Park Scholar.”

Ms. Windley exposed our son to some incredible extracurricular activities that have opened unbelievable doors for him on both the state and national levels.

“He even got to meet the President of the United States. We can say without exaggeration that Debbie Windley’s contributions to our son’s life made it possible for him to be admitted to UNC-Chapel Hill. She also made the college selection process both enjoyable and exciting for our family.”

As parents going through the college search for the first time, we didn’t know where to begin. Ms. Windley listened to our concerns, evaluated our options, and set us on a path of assurance.

“We do not think our daughter would have even considered Duke University as an option for her undergraduate studies if Debbie had not encouraged her to “aim high.” As a result, she received substantial scholarship offers from both Wake Forest and Duke University and is now attending Duke. The decision to utilize Ms. Windley’s services proved to be time and money well spent!”

We have had a wonderful and successful experience working with Ms. Windley as a college planner.

“We know that our daughter would never have achieved the elite program and full scholarship to East Carolina University without her input and time. Debbie not only helped with college planning, but also helped our daughter with career plans and maturation as a young adult. Words can not express our gratitude for all she has done. This is the best investment we ever made; our only regret is that we didn’t start earlier.”

Ms. Windley was a guiding force in our son’s preparation for college. She spent time listening to his ideas and dreams and crafted a plan for achieving these goals.

“She encouraged our son early on to get involved not only in school activities, but also community and leadership activities. She also encouraged him to maintain his academic efforts throughout his high school career. All of this proved invaluable as he went through the college and scholarship application process. She also encouraged him to apply for the prestigious Park Scholarship (which we had not heard of) at NC State University. He was offered and accepted this full academic scholarship.”

We always knew our daughter was bright and outgoing; however, Ms. Windley brought out leadership qualities in her that surprised even us! Today, college admission, and especially scholarship opportunities are not based solely upon good grades and test scores.

“Mrs. Windley has a broad based knowledge of the college selection, admission, and scholarship processes. She was able to point our daughter in specific directions to enhance her leadership skills through community involvement, as well as encouraging her to take more of a leadership role in her school. These leadership activities, combined with her academics, enabled our daughter to experience North Carolina Girls State, and ultimately to fulfill her dream of being awarded a North Carolina Teaching Fellowship! As a former teacher and school administrator, Ms. Windley earns the respect of the student which she then uses to push the student toward his/her academic and career goals in a patient, loving, yet professional manner. We whole-heartedly recommend Debbie Windley!”

Debbie Windley is blessed with the phenomenal gift of understanding teenagers!

“Over the years, we have watched her guide quite a few young men and women through their formative high school years, helping them develop the skills and resumes necessary to obtain admission to colleges and universities of their choice, but perhaps the most amazing transformation has occurred in our very own son. It's hard to believe that the confident leader who attended UNC-Chapel Hill in the prestigious Honors Carolina Program is the same shy, extremely introverted young man Debbie took under her wing. She knew exactly how to tap into his intellectual curiosity and how to utilize the activities he enjoys to build his confidence on multiple levels. With her guidance, he began to reach outside his comfort zone and develop tools for success. Debbie knew that attending summer programs such as Summer Ventures and Governor's School would be life-changing events. Without her encouragement, he probably wouldn't have attended those amazing programs. Debbie truly cares about each student on a personal level. That attribute, along with her vast knowledge of programs, schools, and scholarships is invaluable for college planning in today's highly competitive environment.”